the world should have been ours

How is it to be a young adult in Ukraine ?
Having grown up in the aftermath of the USSR fall, young people seemed to take back control of their future in 2014 during the Maiden revolution but what is left of this today ?
These were the questions I had when I left to Ukraine during the 2019 winter.

I knew a 21 years old boy from the Kyiv suburbs who was supposed to be my guide there.
When I arrived, the joyful guy I had met in Brussels was no more, he barley left home anymore, sleeping and smoking away the 3 months he had to wait to be able to get a visa to Europe again.
    "Here is not paradise but when you sleep, it is..."

What was supposed to be a journey full of new exciting encounters turned into a lonely wandering around Kyiv and my mind.
Something I wasn't expecting at all.

This book will walk you across the city, the past and present.

2019 - 2020